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Challenge your mind with this Free Solitare Ultra card game
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Break your mind with Free Solitaire Ultra. The main objective of this game is to place all cards in four foundations at the right of your screen in ascending order starting with a selected random initial card of a given value. The initial card is the first in the upper left corner, this card determinate the value for foundations, Ace has a value of one and ascends up to the king in order. You must move top cards in the stacks to the foundations of the same suit or to the 7 cells in the bottom of the screen to free space and let you make more moves in order to set the in ascendant order. If you form a straight of the same suit you can move the hole straight to another stack and liberate other cards. Empty stacks can help you to fill and move other cards, but they need to be one rank lower than the initial card value, if its 3, you must fill the empty stack with a 2 card. The game allows you to undo or redu one move, but be careful to not stuck your cards or game will be lost.
The game allows you to play a timed game or a classic game. Free Solitaire Ultra´s main menu allows you to start a game, to set options like music, sound and personalize your name player, to check high scores and to exit the game.
The game presents different levels that goes from vagabond to captain.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Fun and simple entertainment


  • Program runs slow
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